TPAOne Automation Suite Features

  • Configurable CRM
  • Vendor / Broker / Adjustor / Client Relationship Management
  • Workflow and Document Management
  • Transaction submission via Paper, FTP, eMail and Website
  • Business Intelligence and Analytical Reporting
  • Customized integration to Claims Adjudication Engines

Cloud-based TPAOne Automation Suite or simply, TPAOne, is an office automation tool set, designed to eliminate paper and electronic workflows involved in processing insurance claims. This highly configurable set of modules also allows transactions to be managed and tracked in one place while providing operational data for effective management.

TPAOne is especially useful for TPAs facilitating multiple claims adjudication entities needed to process the ever-increasing number products and services.

The Problem

Claims supervisors and adjusters are familiar with the pain points of managing a high-volume claims processing system; tracking multiple vendors, clients, brokers and adjusters can be a challenging and convoluted structure. Is your physical paperwork accurate? If something happens to hard copies, do you have a digital repository? Risk management is also an overarching concern in all TPAs, small or large. Often, there are multiple systems in place for every component of the processing ecosystem.


The Solution

TPAOne is a single-touch, simple-to-use software program that enables insurance claims processors, managers, brokers and adjusters to streamline their workflow, manage all documents digitally, and centralize all clients and vendors in a web-based CRM. You’ll quickly increase your efficiency and accuracy with the robust CRM.

Third-party Administrators can also manage every aspect of the claims processing system from a 360-degree view. Configure your CRM, retrieve comprehensive reports and analytics, and manage workflows to fit your organization’s needs to create efficiencies in areas that may have been lacking before. Processing claims more efficiently and effectively will arm your TPA with an unshakeable competitive advantage.


  • Tasks / Notes / Calendar
  • Events Management
  • Activity Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Document Management
  • Reporting and Analysis

TPAOne Screens

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